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Small Business-What Would Your IPO Look Like?

Success is celebrated and cursed in equal measures. Build a good company, but don’t break bad. Soon, small businesses may have miniature “IPO” moments like Facebook will have this week. What can we learn from the current court of public … Continue reading

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Crisis PR-A Five W Approach for Small Business

The recent scandals involving Herman Cain and Penn State remind us that when you think you’ve seen everything, you haven’t seen anything yet. However, these national stories again contain lessons for small businesses. I have written before about the impact … Continue reading

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Borders Books At Fahrenheit 451

The final moments of Borders Books, as it climbed past the temperature of burning paper made famous by Ray Bradbury, have been described as a poorly managed company’s failure to keep pace with technology. Don’t judge the entire book by … Continue reading

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Coming and Going

People use the phrase “Five-Year Plan” all the time. While it refers to the future, no one said you had to define which five years. I wonder if you have ever taken the time to consider that a “Five-Year Plan” … Continue reading

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You Are Here

Every process contains hurdles. Frustration builds easily when you have to stop in your tracks. Relax. These moments are just reminders that you are where you are supposed to be. My current professional journey started with a guiding principle – … Continue reading

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Up, down or even?

In sports or in business, it’s easy to get blinded by the score. Sometimes, the only math that matters is the power of one. While in college, I worked in the sports information office where we were responsible for staffing … Continue reading

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