Social Media Marketing – Who’s On First

Seminars and conferences are a great refresher. A recent social media marketing event helped me reaffirm simple truths; regardless of the channel, who is doing the tweeting, posting, pinning, adding, liking and why is still important!

The third annual At Midwest Social Media conference was just held in Normal, IL. Meeting new best friends like Melissa Schenk, Sean McGinnis, Bernia Wheaton, Rebecca Wardlow, Thomas Ian Nicholas and others was my immediate benefit.

But, a major takeaway is that people are still what put the social in marketing. I’ve written previously about this in 2011 and again in early 2012. Apparently, 2013 and beyond looks good for humans.

Thomas Ian Nichols telling how social media helps his music as a small business with a limited budget.

Thomas Ian Nicholas explains how social media helps his music as a small business with a limited budget.

Nicholas, known to movie-goers as Kevin from American Pie and Henry in Rookie of the Year, posed the question – why was he at a social media conference? His presentation about using social to grow his music career started a common thread for the truths of social media marketing.

1. Social Media Marketing Truth: Relate with Your Audience – Social is most successful when you relate with your audience. Nicholas talked about listening as the critical mass for social media marketing. If you can’t relate, and report back on what you hear, it’s a one-way conversation. Plus, the more you relate, the more your reach grows.

2. Social Media Marketing Truth: Contentment Is Not Content – Wheaton talked about primary mistakes made in social media marketing. If you aren’t prepared to work a channel, turn off the channel. You do more damage to goals by thinking that having an account is the strategy. Just like you in the morning, your social media marketing should be fully dressed.

3. Social Media Marketing Truth: Personalize Your SEO – The algorithms that feed Search Engine Optimization are obviously important. But, building content links take root through personal relationships with people of mutual interest. McGinnis talked about his SEO opportunities that grew from personal interaction. Wardlow also showed why embracing Google Plus, with its obvious ties to search, bring the Hangouts which are another way to get personal.

4. Social Media Marketing Truth: Be You(Tube) – Through video, Schenk detailed how important it is for people to know you. If you can’t show who you are and why you do what you do, you’re in trouble. It’s too simple to tell your story through video and you need to do it now!

There are tools that can make managing social media marketing easier and having a plan must be the basis for your approach. In addition, owning as much of your social media marketing as possible is important too. Always remember, who’s on first isn’t a question, it’s the answer. You’re on!

Glenn Kass - Catch Driver Marketing (Photo by Shuva Rahim - Accent Photographics -

Glenn Kass – Catch Driver Marketing (Photo by Shuva Rahim – Accent Photographics –

Glenn Kass and Catch Driver Marketing help you get your ideas on track. For more, visit Or “like”, “follow”, “watch” and “add” Glenn Kass to your circles on Google Plus.

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