A Social Media Spaghetti Western

Small business is on a never-ending search to capture the power of social media. Even when SMB owners do arrest a channel, they tire of the work to maintain it.

Have you seen these channels?

Have you seen these channels?

Think of social as a legendary spaghetti western. Entrepreneurs hope their tall, dark stranger with answers for social will wander down the dusty Main Street at Noon.

A Fistful of Dollars – Small business owners usually do one of two things: throw large sums of money at social or hold spend to a minimum. Both may be wrong. With the changing landscape of social, no sooner is a big commitment made then the platform changes. Making social a part of a plan and using it within a larger effort is a better way to measure and use the medium. Moreover, deciding the platforms to use and committing to them will keep management of the channel under control and keep you from having buyer’s remorse when the rules change.

For A Few Dollars More – Some entrepreneurs think social is the way to conduct a quick-hitting campaign. Well, if the channel is active, perhaps it could be. But, too often, social is thought to be the way to close gaps. If the platform in use has had down time, customers have moved on and the channel needs to be warmed up. Not a good fit for a “smash and grab” marketing effort.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Some of the social dilemma for SMB’s come as a result of circumstances out of its control. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and others are, or soon will be, publicly-traded concerns. That requires those channels to move as many eyes to its medicine show as possible.

Also, with consolidation, some of those channels are limiting cross-marketing efforts because they are “rival gangs” in the shootout at the social corral. Therefore, marketing requires more oversight when small businesses don’t have staff or time for. Knowing something about your customers and products may help you decide which channel(s) make sense for the business.

Once Upon a Time in the West – When it comes down to the final showdown, how you are using a marketing tool is based on what the goal of the campaign is going in. Social can be a way to broaden an appeal, but it shouldn’t be viewed as the magic bullet. Using a combination with various marketing channels is what will help you determine the effectiveness and whether you end up as the only sheriff in town.

Glenn Kass - Catch Driver Marketing (Photo by Shuva Rahim - Accent Photographics - www.shuvarahim.com)

Glenn Kass – Catch Driver Marketing (Photo by Shuva Rahim – Accent Photographics – http://www.shuvarahim.com)

Glenn Kass and Catch Driver Marketing thinks small is the new big. Learn more at www.catchdriver.com. You can also “like” www.facebook.com/catchdrivermarketing, “follow” www.twitter.com/CatchDriverMktg or “watch” www.youtube.com/catchdrivermarketing.

About catchdrivermarketing

Catch Driver provides marketing and communications services/consultation for small to medium size businesses and non-profits. The "Your Ideas...On Track" slogan means helping organizations and business owners with projects they want to do, but lack staff and time to execute themselves, and working to drive them to a successful outcome. See more at www.catchdriver.com.
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