Small Business Marketing-Try, Try To Begin

A small, green thought leader from far, far away famously declared there were only two paths – do or do not. Well, upon further review, the master’s seminal message may need an amendment.

This presentation slide needs to be revised.

This presentation slide needs to be revised.

Recently, efforts for a client to promote itself on “Small Business Saturday” resulted in several earned media opportunities. One particular weekend news crew came to get video and quotes and I thanked them for coming out.

Now, understand, there was a diligent effort leading up to the day to position the client for the third annual salute to Main Street. But, when I thanked this news rep, they replied, “No problem. Actually it was a pretty quiet Saturday and we had your info so it was a fit for us.”

I’ve written previously about the inverse effect that the current “buying holiday” approach is having on small businesses. While it has elevated the conversation and made “Main Street” its own brand, it seems that, for some, local activation is skipping do and do not with try about to excuse itself.

Small business owners are confronted with many choices and opportunities. Thanks to social and digital tools along with competitive environments, many are forced to confront do or do not. Christopher Penn wrote an insightful post about the “Zero Moment Of Truth” which examines the sales process and its ties to public relations and marketing.

Most of the time, a small business chooses not to decide and stay the course. A post by Rebel Brown eloquently describes this “heads down” approach and its consequences. In fact, the client I described above is just now beginning to lift its head to make changes in its approach and enable itself for future growth. Our success in gaining attention and ROI reassured the client of what is possible by trying something new.

I regularly advocate for planning and that is where any effort must begin. In fact, a business has to have a strong infrastructure to properly plan and implement marketing and public relations. Remember, you’re asking for business and you need to be ready to deliver. Also, an owner should take time to really know their business and be able to tell the story as well as when it first opened the doors.

Yoda might declare his flip-flop accordingly: “Trying – for it now I am, against it I was.” While do or do not are universally accepted choices when a decision must be made, perhaps restoring some belief in trying is the best way for you to use the force.

Glenn Kass - Catch Driver Marketing (Photo by Shuva Rahim - Accent Photographics)

Glenn Kass – Catch Driver Marketing (Photo by Shuva Rahim – Accent Photographics)

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