Surviving a #marketing free-org

People love free, but hate when it goes away. Not surprising. But, what if your marketing relies too much on it and you suffer a “free-org?” Would your marketing plan survive?

Don’t invest in anger. Planning is the free you should invest in.

Some disagreement with changes are related to unintelligent design which, free or not, is fair criticism. Others center on confusion about changes or execution of various new aspects within an app. Some criticism of intent is occasionally just plain funny.

But, other change comes from circumstances like the news that CTO Bret Taylor is leaving Facebook. Clearly, the Facebook IPO, like others before, will lead to consequences.

Go to search, choose the name of any major online platform these days, especially free ones, and add the word “sucks.” You will get a limitless return in search. I believe some of this is misguided. The reason: complacency.

Entrepreneurs need free apps whenever possible. Budgets dictate that. However, a budget app can’t replace planning and being ready for change. Time is another enemy. Small business owners usually are the Chief Marketing Officer too. That doesn’t leave much time to anticipate and prepare for change.

As the pressure to monetize grows, the developers of apps and platforms will be embracing change more and more. As a small business person myself, I understand the advantage these apps have. There are those I choose to upgrade and pay for because I value them.

The old adage of free being too good to be true is…well, sometimes true.

Another take on free – watch it’s free! (Click here for a video sidebar.)

So, what if you get “free-orged?” Here are some tips:

1. Don’t panic – Even if it takes some time after the work day, look into the changes. Find out what they are really about and if there are ways to maintain some of the functionality you enjoy.

2. Does it still fit – Find out if the changes still help your business. Maybe it will force you from your comfort zone and help you realize that the app no longer works for you.

3. Comparison shop – Go online and look for comparable apps. Also, stop in to see what your competition really is doing. If you have business peers in other communities, reach out to see what they are doing.

Incidentally, enter the words “planning” and “sucks” into search and you get interesting results. The top returns include something about planning being hard to do and not being worth it because you always have to use time to keep changing the plan. That’s free advice you should avoid.

Glenn Kass – Catch Driver Marketing & Communications, LLC (Photo by Shuva Rahim – Accent Photographics)

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