Small Business Marketing-Big Results From Small Data

Happy “Big Data Week” everyone! From April 20-29, worldwide data analysts are promoting and De-mystifying their work. Of course, to small business, any data is big data. But, that is precisely why entrepreneurs should use some small data to have a big impact.

Small Data Is Better Than No Data At All

Early in 2011, I posted a pair of entries in support of research and data. The topics of Customer Research Management (CRM) and Customer Experience Management (CEM) are continuing to gain deserved attention and importance.

It should because it’s valuable and small business owners need to find the time to do it. There is too much good that can come from having not only a picture of the customer, but also the segmenting that is derived to help direct external and internal marketing.

Few are the entrepreneurs that have a real handle on their marketing channels and the ones that do find the going a bit smoother. Of course, there are many tools available including one of the leaders – HubSpot.* It provided a great overview this week of its product as well as others that can be used to drive the CRM effort easily and cost-effectively.

Besides the hoopla of “Big Data Week,” there is also this recent info from CRM Magazine providing research which indicates that many companies do not realize the full potential of loyalty programs.

The equation: planning plus preparation plus execution plus collection equals good data. It helps guide the decision-making, not only in terms of who are the customers and what do they want, but evaluating and choosing tools that will resonate with your business and its needs.

I have been working with some clients that are using their ability to collect and decipher some data to some advantage. One is implementing a plan that it used previously while another is beginning a process. It is small data to be sure.

But, setting up the right scenario, even simple vehicles such as comment cards or entry forms, can help put the sales and marketing funnels into motion. Imagine setting up the marketing plan knowing the key areas you serve and reasonable pictures of your areas for business growth.

That would be some small business data which would be cause for celebration any week!

*Note – Neither the author or company receive compensation from HubSpot. The post is listed for informational purposes only.

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