One Day Sale-Small Business Needs More Than Cash Mobs

On Saturday, March 24th, the newest trend in small business support officially arrives – Cash Mob Day. Like Small Business Saturday, it is welcome since some urgency is better than none. But, mob action aside, we need more than one day to boost small business.

The Cash Mob is truly grass-roots in nature. Examples from Canada, California and Virginia show genuine interest for the fact that Main Street provides real depth to a community.

Of note in the Petaluma, CA example was a local owner taking to Facebook looking for ways to perk up sales. With residents having endured other closures, the natural response was to descend upon that retailer for a one-day “buy in.”

Cash Mobs look to build on momentum as seen in the Virginia example. American Express, which created Small Business Saturday to promote its OPEN Network as a friend to small business, does promote ongoing content to address issues important to entrepreneurs.

However, the rush to create another holiday is the problem. Cash Mobs and Small Business Saturday are turning the support of small business into a one-hit wonder that is supposed to fix everything.

Consider the business owners themselves. Some should not be spared from Social Darwinism. There was an owner I met and asked how they made the decision to open. “I won some money,” they said. “I always wanted to try it so now was the time.” They closed within three months.

Extreme example? Perhaps not. I asked that same owner if they had visited the local chapter of SCORE (Service Corps Of Retired Executives) nearby. “What’s that?” they replied. SCORE offers free help and classes to get a business started..or prevent one before damage is done to personal and community reputation.

Recently, I featured the topic of strategies that support small business with author Amy Cortese. Her book “Locavesting” details the history and the future of sustainable ways to directly impact Main Street.

To that end, the JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) Act – bi-partisan legislation that had landside support in the U.S. House and is due for Senate consideration this week – would formally create a “crowdfunding” environment. Startup America is leading the effort for this legislation and the fact that the House didn’t split along party lines is pause for rejoicing.

My stake is with marketers. Often, entrepreneurs are busy working at their business instead of on it. There are many professionals that seek to help these owners get the planning and expertise needed. The goals being to ensure true visionaries have their best shot at surviving and thriving.

After all, why have one day, when we could have, “Small Business Every Day.”

Glenn Kass - Catch Driver Marketing (Photo by Shuva Rahim - Accent Photographics)

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9 Responses to One Day Sale-Small Business Needs More Than Cash Mobs

  1. Good information Glenn. I agree that finding ways to support local businesses everyday is really a choice we all can make!

    • Thanks for reading Dave. We agree that helping small business is what matters. I want to see sustained efforts so that this important part of every community does not become a gimmick. Thanks again for commenting!

  2. L.E.O. says:

    Glenn, I just want to be sure you’re aware of Independent Business Alliances as a great tool for communities to help local independents thrive. The link is a page of the American Independent Business Alliance, the national support network for these local groups.

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