Small-Business-Social-Marketing-Will Facebook Brand Timelines Kill Traditional Marketing? Why, Do You Hate Your Marketing?

Facebook maintained previous expectations of a Leap Day 2012 launch of Timeline for Pages. Inevitably, people wonder if this is the innovation that kills (insert tool/app/program here)? Depends on your plan.

The Facebook logo would be capitalized if its business plan called for it.

Mark Zuckerberg and his merry band of social media engineers hope you will make the “leap” and switch right away – that option is available. Otherwise, March 30th is the day for everyone.

Considering what Facebook has invested with Timeline, the incorporation of apps on the Open Graph and its desire to be the home page of your life, this step is worth deciding what place it has in your business plan and what resources are needed to manage it.

Let’s compare this to Graphic Design. Nothing makes my artist friends cringe more than hearing, “I can do design because I have Microsoft Publisher and/or my laptop is a Mac.” Running a microwave doesn’t qualify you for Top Chef.

As tools develop, it isn’t necessary to run in all directions at once. The only reason to change marketing focus is based on its success to date and your overall plan. Having a tool for the sake of it might result in misplaced resources.

Face it; this is a business decision that is part of a larger battle between Google and Facebook. Just as Google went for addition by, well…a Plus, Facebook would make its logo a capital “F” if it means ad revenue opportunities. Does your business benefit from Pinterest? What about Foursquare or Twitter?

The ultimate decision lies somewhere between your plans and the place where your customers (or potential customers) are. It’s a business decision for you.

So, for small business, look for the best opportunities to engage, display and sell whatever it is you are selling. If a traditional ad, web site, status, check-in, circle, tweet, pin, etc. gets your business moving, go for it.

Remember, it’s not personal, it’s just business.

Glenn Kass - Catch Driver Marketing (Photo by Shuva Rahim - Accent Photographics)

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2 Responses to Small-Business-Social-Marketing-Will Facebook Brand Timelines Kill Traditional Marketing? Why, Do You Hate Your Marketing?

  1. ajperisho747 says:

    Nice post Glenn!
    Facebook is an interesting animal when it comes to marketing. Obviously when you have that many people any where, it’s worth a try putting your message out there.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • AJ – thanks so much for reading and commenting. You know the importance of a plan and I think my sentiment was to emphasize the place this has within a plan as opposed to the tool itself. People develop pain about things that aren’t worth the investment while avoiding the issues that matter. Thanks again for the read!

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