Marketing and Sales-What’s Your Business’ McRib?

There I was in a strategy meeting for a company where I served as a Regional Marketing Manager. As we reviewed our efforts and what we could do to freshen our message and approach, our Regional Sales Manager looked at everyone and said, “What’s our McRib?”

The current appearance, and earned media garnered, by McDonald’s version of Hailey’s Comet reminded me of what a company does special and what it does to make every day special.

Search McRib on Google and you return any number of links. The seemingly sudden appearance and purposefully “limited time” urgency gets coverage for the Golden Arches every time. (I’ve already mentioned McRib three times…you’re welcome Oak Brook…LOL!)

Now, let’s get back to that meeting in the first paragraph. Our RSM had it right. What compelling offer(s) could move the needle and get some attention. Moreover, how would we maximize the offer(s) to get customers to become aware of things we were doing to make our business special all the time?

We aren’t talking about knee-jerk marketing and sales. Planning is paramount so don’t discount yourself into oblivion.

Many times, something special is right there in front of you. Or, as I have posted before, sometimes the best list you can buy is already in your hands. If you look inside your business for the McRib, what exists that perhaps has not been engaged, promoted or discussed lately?

One failing of people who spend too much time in a particular environment is they assume everyone knows about their business. But, looking for the compelling offer can often be a good exercise in getting to know your business, employees and customers all over again.

McDonald’s enlists the McRib strategically. There are post-promo periods that in some cases lasts a while. Think about what your compelling offer is leading to for your business. Some customers only come around for the special. But, what if you converted just a few of them into regular customers?

So, develop an appetite again for your business. What is your McRib?

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