All The News Fit To $tream

Remember the old motto of The New York Times about “All The News That’s Fit To Print.” Well, we all know that we can fit a whole lot more in the pipeline. There have been a couple of interesting items in the bandwidth the last few days that applies to that changing communication landscape.

Last week, there was a great article from The New York Times in regard to paid online subscribers for The Times and The Sunday Times of London. The story is here. Then, this week, I saw another piece from Brad Mislow on Talent Zoo about the inflationary nature of rating viewers of your product. That piece is here.

Recently, I have been working on a PR project where I have used a combo of traditional methods and current methods. Time was, you got your press release out then worked the phones for earned media opportunities.

Social media is an important part of the effort. But, with more and more news/info outlets looking at “pay walls” to churn out profits, how do you design the plan for your project or event so that your energies are pointed in the proper directions?

1. Know Your Market – I have discussed this before, but it’s important. Some markets do still respond to traditional means. But, it is based on the audience being influenced and the project. You can also look for those projects where the “guerrilla” marketing style will score points for your side.

2. Tailor The Message – While the online world benefits from unlimited space, we know the message is being condensed more and more into 140 characters. Think about both versions so you don’t short change your efforts.

3. Timing – …….is still everything. A timed release plan can be helpful. The old marketing saw of 5-7 impressions still exists. Figuring out your efforts based on how you want to roll out the plan is never a bad idea. 

4. Respect The Messenger – Think about the timelines of the people involved with the project and the outlets you use to spread the word. Yes, the electronic pipeline enables us to spread the word and influence choices quicker, but it is wrong to disrespect messengers by assuming they can spread the word as fast as you can text/tweet/e-mail/post.

What are your thoughts? Click the comment link and thanks for reading!

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